Welcome new readers from Food Wishes!

So my little blog about grilling some food suddenly saw a fantastic spike in traffic, thanks to mention in the fantastic blog Food Wishes with Chef John. Welcome everybody who came to see my post on Sous Vide at home.

As is the case when traffic spikes like this happen, I’m suddenly re-energized about The Grilling Man blog and will post far more stuff going into 2014. In the meantime, Happy New Year to all!

2 thoughts on “Welcome new readers from Food Wishes!

  1. Avid viewer of Chef John and I go where he goes!!
    Looking forward to new inserts !! Grilling season is only 5 months away. Would grill now but -37degrees Celsius not that enjoyable.

  2. To be clear, I was the reigning champion for almost 18 months. In today’s wrestling world, that is an eternity!

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