A warning about meat temperatures

Photo by Flikr user ehfisher

Warning: Eating undercooked meat might be harmful or deadly to you.

The USDA suggests that all meat be cooked to a certain minimum temperatures to ensure safety.  Their official page on the matter can be found here.

Throughout this website I may suggest temperatures that are lower than what is suggested.  If you choose to follow my suggestions you also acknowledge that you are doing so at your own risk.  The Grilling Man, Jason Kallsen, and anybody associated with this website is not responsible for any adverse effects of your personal cooking temperature choices.

I think it’s also important to read the great New York Times article on ground beef “The Burger That Shattered Her Life“, which will scare you to death and also force you to be very selective about ground meat products.  Grinding your own meat not only decreases your risk substantially but also brings you closer to the production of your food, which is a tenant for The Grilling Man.


Thank you.


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