T Bone steaks on sale this week

You gotta love $5.99 a pound for T-Bone steaks at Cub Foods! I bought a mess of them and dry aged them for about six days in the garage/meat fridge. A little olive oil, a little sea salt, a little fresh cracked pepper. Just what the doctor ordered.

Keep in mind that to dry age your own meat, you have to keep it elevated on a rack of some kind as well as keep the airflow fresh. I use a simple cookie/pastry cooling rack on an old baking sheet; the air is fresh by me opening the door and looking at the meat twice a day. As you see the steak shrink up a bit and get a touch dry and tacky, it’s time to get ready. I have great success with relatively cheap cuts of meat aged for about seven days.

The University of Minnesota has a great article here on aging beef. Plus, good commentary on ask the meatman.

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