Skirt steak on a hot grill

It’s actually a difficult day for me.  I went to my local old reliable meat shop and asked for skirt steak and was rejected.

“You don’t want that stuff.  Only good for tacos!” is what the butcher said.  I didn’t want to tell him I’ve purchased about $150 of skirt steak from Whole Foods down the street over the last few weeks.  C’mon, buddy!  If I ask for skirt steak, just sell it to me.

Turns out they don’t even have any at my local butcher, so I returned to Whole Foods and stocked up.  No wonder he down-talked this glorious and overlooked cut of meat.

I love skirt steak on a hot grill.  Only a couple minutes per side at the most, plus a few minutes to rest.  High in fat content and oh so tender and yummy.  And better for more than just tacos, trust me.

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