Skirt steak on a hot grill

It’s actually a difficult day for me.  I went to my local old reliable meat shop and asked for skirt steak and was rejected.

“You don’t want that stuff.  Only good for tacos!” is what the butcher said.  I didn’t want to tell him I’ve purchased about $150 of skirt steak from Whole Foods down the street over the last few weeks.  C’mon, buddy!  If I ask for skirt steak, just sell it to me.

Turns out they don’t even have any at my local butcher, so I returned to Whole Foods and stocked up.  No wonder he down-talked this glorious and overlooked cut of meat.

I love skirt steak on a hot grill.  Only a couple minutes per side at the most, plus a few minutes to rest.  High in fat content and oh so tender and yummy.  And better for more than just tacos, trust me.

Manny’s can kiss my ass!

Manny’s has been voted as one of America’s Best Steakhouses many years in a row.  Located in downtown Minneapolis, it’s considered by many in my hometown the best of the best when it comes to steak.

And they can kiss my ass.

Okay, maybe that’s a bit tough. But I can proudly say that my rib eye left their’s in the dust in the grand ribeye challenge of 2008.

This is a prime dry aged boneless ribeye topped with truffle butter. My brother Lincoln gave this to me for my birthday and it’s quite possibly the greatest gift I’ve ever received (after the birth of my son, of course).

Grilled over hardwood charcoal for about four minutes per side.  It was a very very very hot fire.