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Sous Vide at home (and how I cooked a 15 pound rib roast in a cooler)

Sous Vide at home (and how I cooked a 15 pound rib roast in a cooler)

In mid-December, this was my first experiment with sous vide at home, a rack of lamb. Based on the utterly delicious success of the lamb, I awoke Christmas Eve morning and decided to do a fifteen pound rib roast in

Grilled meatloaf

Grilled meatloaf

Tonight it’s a modified meatloaf recipe, done on the charcoal grill of course. The results were fantastic. Pitch perfect spice, sweet, and savory. Here is the recipe: TGM MEATLOAF Ingredients for the ‘meat mixture’ 3 pounds of ‘meatloaf blend’ from

Goat cheese and cured meat Jucy Lucy’s

Goat cheese and cured meat Jucy Lucy’s

The Jucy Lucy (yes, the spelling is correct) is my home state of Minnesota’s gift to the hamburger community.  Two beef patties pressed together with the ingredients in-between.  The simple version is cheddar or American cheese.  But you can get

Skirt steak on a hot grill

It’s actually a difficult day for me.  I went to my local old reliable meat shop and asked for skirt steak and was rejected. “You don’t want that stuff.  Only good for tacos!” is what the butcher said.  I didn’t

Dang! Dem some THICK chops!

On the last great day of summery weather here in Minnesota. Tomorrow: winter (figuratively). Thick cut pork chops can be tricky because you want them to end up at the perfect temperature, but often they get overdone.  This is an

Another win for The Grilling Man!

My brother and I did 18 racks of baby backs on a tiny little hibachi style grill.  How?  Rubbed the ribs, ten minutes a side on hot coals to char, double wrapped tight in heavy duty foil, then piled in

Skirt steak

Love love love love fast grilled skirt steak. Perfecto!

A beautiful aged rib eye

Dry aging your own meat is easy and should be done with all beef cuts in my opinion.  Place on an elevated rack over a cookie sheet, and place in the fridge, uncovered, for 3-5 days.  If you have a

Fresh red snapper

Stuffed with oregano and tarragon. Why oregano and tarragon? Because they are growing like weeds and I have a ton of them. Also adding salt pepper lemon slices and other yummies.