About The Grilling Man

The Grilling Man website is about the wondrous combination of fire and meat, and the joy and fraternity that results from it.

The site is run entirely by me, Jason Kallsen, a Certified Master Grilling Man (a title I bestowed upon myself after grilling a perfect 4.5 pound bone in rib eye with a blindfold on and one hand tied behind my back).

Grilling, to me, is far more than the act of simply putting food on the table.  It’s about the circle of life, the process of death, and the consumption of another living being.  And drinking.  Usually wine, for I’m a wine nut (I’m also in the wine business, which will explain the number of open bottles you may see in the photos … it’s all about research, trust me.  Really.).

I encourage you to leave comments and share your ideas on what I’m doing.  In the future I may be offering some grilling apps, e-books, and other fun stuff.  Please join my RSS feed and Like The Grilling Man on Facebook to keep on top of everything.

Jason Kallsen
The Grilling Man

1 thought on “About The Grilling Man

  1. Hi, my name is Chyna Bounds and I’m from the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. I was looking to find some contact information for authors of this blog, as we are looking for Minnesota food bloggers for an upcoming project.

    Thanks, Chyna Bounds

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